How to Measure a Putter: Find the Perfect Fit!

Succeeding at the game of golf starts with having the right equipment, and the putter holds a place of importance in every golfer's bag. Essential for that final, crucial stroke, the putter is more than just a club – it's the key to finishing each hole with precision!

Of course, the length of your putter can significantly impact your game! Whether you're a seasoned golfer or it’s one of your first times stepping on the green, understanding how to measure your putter correctly is key. In this step by step guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to accurately measure a putter, ensuring you find the perfect fit to perform your best on the links. Let’s do it!

Why Measure a Putter?

A proper-sized putter is an absolute game-changer (no pun intended) in golf! It’ll make you more comfortable, consistent, and confident out on the green. Specifically, putter length can help (or hurt) your stance and your eye position. 

Benefits of Using the Right Putter

It’s easy for you to assume a comfortable stance if you have the right putter – and from there, you can align your eyes directly over the ball. 

I know it might not sound like such a big deal, but you need this alignment in order to have accurate putts. The putter length can even impact how well you judge the distance between your ball and the hole!

Challenges of Using the Wrong Putter

At the same time, an ill-fitted putter can be a silent adversary, undermining your performance in ways you might not even realize!

Think about it: a putter that’s too long will force you to stand more upright, which can lead to misalignment. Even worse, it can put unwanted strain on your back, which may end up hurting your game even more in the long run.

How about a putter that’s too short? Well, in that case, you’ll have to bend over too far to reach the ball, which can be uncomfortable and affect your overall stroke mechanics. Whether your putter is too long or too short, it’ll make it harder for you to perform your best, and who wants that?

My Friend’s Putter Length

I haven’t personally had a lot of trouble with putter length while golfing, but I have a friend who used to. He’s an excellent golfer, but for some reason, he always struggled with putting! After playing many frustrating rounds with him, I finally asked him if he’d ever done a professional fitting. 

As it turns out, his putter had been too long for his height for years! Once he switched to a properly sized putter, his putting improved dramatically, leading to lower scores and more enjoyable rounds.

Sounds amazing, right? Now, it’s your turn!

Measuring a Putter Step by Step

Before we dive into the following steps, I want to point out that there are places where you can get a professional putter fitting, like your local pro store. They may even be able to modify your putter for you.

But it’s also possible to DIY it, if you prefer. Here are the steps for measuring a putter!

Step 1: Gather a Straight-Edge Ruler

The first thing you need to do is gather the tool you'll use to measure the putter. I recommend going with a 48” straight-edge ruler, ideally in aluminum. You can easily find one of these at your local hardware store or order it online, and it comes in pretty cheap – usually under $20.

Note that putters range from 32 to 52 inches in length, but stock putters are usually about 35 inches, so a 48” should be plenty for a good measurement. Aside from your straight-edge, all you need is a flat, clean surface to make sure your results are accurate. 

Step 2: Hold Your Putter Flat

You want to place your putter with the center flat on the surface where you’re measuring. Unlike some clubs, the putter usually has the shaft close to the middle of the putter head, so you’ll have to measure with this in mind. 

Step 3: Measure With Straight-Edge

Grab your 48” ruler and place it as close to the shaft as possible, lining it up with the top of your grip. The number that you see at the very top of the grip is your putter’s length!

How to Pick Your Ideal Putter

So, now you know how to measure your putter, but how do you which length is right for you?

As I mentioned before, most putters for men will be about 35 inches at a pro shop. The problem is, that very well could be too long (or short) for you!

One simple way to find the right length of putter is by checking the chart below, which is a breakdown of the different heights and recommended putter size for each player:

  • Under 5’ = a 32-inch putter or smaller
  • 5’0” - 5’2” = a 32.5-inch putter
  • 5’2” - 5’4” = a 33-inch putter
  • 5’4” - 5’6” = a 33.5-inch putter
  • 5’6” - 5’8” = a 34-inch putter
  • 5’8” - 6’0” = a 34.5-inch putter
  • 6’0” - 6’2” = a 35-inch putter
  • 6’2” - 6’4” = a 35.5-inch putter
  • Over 6’4” = a 36-inch putter or larger

Just keep in mind that this is a general rule of thumb. You also may need a different size or style of putter depending on your body type and Beyond that, let’s talk a little bit about posture and alignment for putting. The fact is, there isn’t just one correct posture for putting or standing over the ball. 

But you should generally have a shoulder-width stance with your hips, arms, and shoulders all aligned toward your target line, plus a a slight bend in your knees and a slight bend forward in your waist. You want your eyes to be directly over the ball.

My best recommendation for you is to get into your putting stance and ask yourself if you can easily get into the posture I just described. Are you feeling comfortable, or are you strained? If it’s at all difficult to get into a proper posture with your putter, then I recommend measuring your putter – then, consider trying one that’s slightly shorter or longer until you’re satisfied that you have the right one!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the average putter?

The average putter length is typically around 34-35 inches for most golfers. However, this can vary based on the height and posture of the individual player.
What is the average putter length for men vs women?
For men, the average putter length is generally around 34-35 inches. For women, it's slightly shorter, typically around 33-34 inches.

Can a putter be too long?

Yes, a putter can be too long. A putter that's too long can cause the golfer to stand too upright, which can lead to poor alignment and inaccurate strokes.

Can a putter be too short?

Yes, a putter can be too short. If the putter is too short, it forces the golfer to bend more, potentially leading to an uncomfortable stance and poor visibility over the ball, affecting the stroke.

Is putter length important?

Absolutely, putter length is very important. It affects your stance, stroke, and overall comfort. The right length helps in achieving better accuracy and consistency in putting.

How to Measure a Putter Wrap-up

In the end, selecting the right putter involves more than just considering your height. You need to think about your natural stance, arm length, and strength for the best match. If you have a putter that's too long, it might cause you to stand farther from the ball, potentially leading to an inconsistent swing path and the club's toe lifting off the ground. This is especially problematic if your putting style is straight-back-and-through.

Conversely, a shorter-than-ideal putter may result in standing too close to the ball, which can disrupt your aim and distance control, and may cause the heel of the putter to lift at setup.

Both scenarios can significantly impact your game. Believe it or not, it’s often the minor adjustments that lead to major improvements! To ensure you're using the right size of putter, I encourage you to get measured yourself and make sure you’re measuring your putters as well. If there's a mismatch, consider trying different putters or adjust your grip to see how it affects your play!

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